Sunday, May 12, 2013

Travian: Browser game of war and strategy



Travian is the game of power, strategy, power, revenge, rage. It is one of the best strategy massive multiplayer game available on net.  This game is all about capturing the villages or in other terms capturing kingdoms and ruling and showcasing the power.  This game consists of three tribes named Romans, Gauls, and Teutons.

Roman:  Romans are the best tribe for defense as well as offensive players, but the cost of building and training troops is comparatively very high compared to other tribes.  It is good for the players who are ready to spend money or gold for building the strongest troops and strongest village.

Gauls:  The benefits of Gauls are they are the best tribe for the purpose of raiding and traps is the another unique benefit you get with this tribe.  Their troops are very fast, but training cost of the troops are cheaper than the Romans but costlier than that of Teutons.

Teutons:  Teutons one of my best preferred tribe in travian.  Cost of training troops is very less compared to other tribes as well as construction of building is also cheaper than that of other tribes available in travian.  The disadvantage of having Teutons is their troops are very bad for the purpose of defense.

For beginners the best option is to select teutons tribe and start building your village as per task manager as task managers help you construct your village in an easy way as well as on completion of each task you are rewarded with resources and gold sometimes.  These rewards help you grow your village at more faster pace than you may otherwise.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Arrow drone formation

Arrow Drone Formation:

Advantage:  It increases the damage caused by your rockets, it gives 20% extra damage effect to your rockets, but hellstorms or rockets used by the rocket launcher is not included in this case.

Disadvantage:  Decrease laser damage by 3%

Cost:  1,000,000 credit.

It is another non-uridium drone formation, it would good if you cannot afford any kind of uridium formation and your laser damage is less as u dont have elite this can be used with 3030 rockets with targeting skill on and it will give more damage.

Turtle Drone Formation

Advantage:  Increases Sheild power by +10%

Disadvantage:  Decreases laser and rocket damage by 7% and 5%

Cost:  1000000 Credits.

This formation is only good for NPC hunt, but has the disadvantage of decrease in damage caused by laser and rockets, since it is a credit drone formation it has actually not much use in the real game.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Clan Battle Station

What is CBS?

Clan Battle station.


Clan battle station is the station which setup by the clan by installing required 10 modules. To build a clan battle station, a require 10 modules to be installed in the asteroid available on the map. The two compulsorily required modules are deflector and hull modules, without which the battle station cannot be established. Experience and honor module if installed, will give certain amount of experience and honor on killing any alien or players globally. The booster modules give certain percentage of booster effect to the members of clan to the specific map where the battle station is installed. Benefits of clan battle station is it will attack any enemy players of other company as well as members of war clan who comes near to the CBS uncloacked. CBS can be destroyed by the enemies and it can be rebuild by repairing and reinstalling all the modules.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Effective Item Upgradation Tips

Tips on upgrading items in Dark Orbit:

On max upgradation of any item you will receive 6% more damage and 15% more sheild.
Usually an FE goli will have 31 bo2s, 31 LF3s and 8 to 10 iris. Upgradation of single item to lvl 16 will cost approximately 100k uridium, thus upgrading 31 bo2s will take around 3100k uridium to reach lvl 16 and it is the same case with LF3s too. Here you won't find any shortcuts to upgrade your items to lvl 16, but you may find the way to effectively and economically upgrading your items. Once you decide to upgrade your items, then first you should consider upgrading the hellstorm to lvl16 rather than any other items at first as you can only have one of this item loaded in your ship. Thus for 100k uri you get max 6% damage bonus to your hellstorm.

Next best item for upgradation will be drones. As an FE you will only have 8 to 10 drones, thus upgrading drones is the wisest thing to do. Benefits as follows:

1. Iris have 2 slots, thus you will be placing two items in a drone and thus single drone upgrade bonus will give advantage to both those items together.

2. Iris has its own bonus for damage as well as sheild and thus it also adds up.

3. If you have a drone design or in future if you are able to obtain one, then again the bonus adds up.

4. One more benefit is that according to the situation your lvl 16 drone will give benefit to bo2 or LF3 or LF4s which ever you place in those slots and gives more kind of choices to your benefit.

5. Thus total cost of upgrading all 8 iris would be 800k uridium and 10 drones will be 1 million uridium. Now if you want to spend your hard earned uridium in more smart way then you should get rebate plan from the uridium page which will give you 25% discount on all uridium items you buy, plus you would be knowing that every week as mega happy hour is released the same way 25% discount on upgradation event happens, thus this will give you 50% discount on your upgradation thus just spending 500k uridium you would be able to upgrade all your iris or for 400k uridium for you 8 iris.

I hope this information will be of great help to you in deciding the way you can upgrade the items more effectively.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vengence for noobs in uppers


Vengy is the best ship for semi-Fe or free players. If you are a noob but got bored hunting aliens in lowers, and wants to get to uppers, then vengy is the best ship. Unless you are full FE, ie 31 LF3, 31 BO2, 21 pp, 8 Iris, and 20 uridium speed generators, you need to be in lowers and if you want to hunt in uppers better get vengy and at least should have 10 speed generators to get full speed advantage of a vengy. Vengy's power lies in its speed, which is unbeatable. I don't say that you will superior to a FE goli, but mean to say that vengy's speed can help you escape from the chasing golis. Unless you are full FE, even having goli is of no use, because you are going to be popped now and then by other FE and Uber FE golis. Since vengy has got less sheild power and HP, here are few tricks that you can use if you involve in a fight with a goli:

1. Vengy's speed is the best advantage for the vengy player. If you just want to escape of an FE goli, then use your speed as a tool against those FE goli to escape. You can use slowing rockets on the goli while you running, this will give vengy a good escape time as goli has got low speed and if you hit that goli with a slowing rocket it will make the goli much slower and will give you enough time to jump the portal and escape. Now most of you will have one question in mind, this rockets costs 500 uri and your ship repair too costs 500 uri so whats the profit. Its true using 500 uri rocket to escape or to get poped is upto your style of play. Now there is now new option, that slowing mine of 20 uri, which would be much cheaper, but to make the enemy run through this mine would be a great pain, but still if you are lucky you can still slow down the chasing goli. If you desire to use the slowing mine, then make sure you are loaded with turbo mine cpu so that the cool down time of the mine is reduced and while running just check out the enemy following you is chasing you in a straight line thus chances of mine hitting him will be more.

2. Vengy's HP and sheild are lower than a goli. So here are some more tricks, use turtle formation of drone which you can buy for 1 million credits which will give your vengi a 10% more shield power as well as avenger design of vengi will again add another 10% of sheild to your vengi. Now here comes another trick, try to use smart bombs as the first mode of attack if ever you decide to fight a goli, this will give the goli 20% damage, which will make the goli somewhat equal to the hp of a vengi and may give your vengy a chance of winning the fight.

3. If you are in PVP or battle maps like 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 then you should always have emp and cloacking cpu. If a goli is chasing you and hitting you then on the run just get your ship cloacked and then press the emp and run, so the goli wont be able to target you again or you can go to radiation zone so the goli cannot chase you as you will be invisible on the mini map too, but keep in mind if you are low in hp then going to radiation zone may destroy you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Effective Upgrading of Items

Upgrading a single item to lvl 16, you may need to spend 100k uridium and it gives you 6% of damage and 15% shield power.  Now if you like to spend your hard earned uridium effectively, then suppose you want to upgrade your drone, then upgrade all the 8 drones to lvl2 by spending 31240 uridium and you get 16 x 1% sheild = 16% total shield power and if you upgrade 31 LF3s to lvl2, then you get damage of 0.4 x 31 = 12.4% damage of total by spending 121055. So according to me, the more effective way of upgrading your items is level up all the items to lvl2 first and after lvl2 upgradation is over then next step is to upgrade to lvl3 of all items and so on, thus your damage and sheild power you gain will be more than just spending more than 100K for upgradation of single item to lvl 16.

If you are an avid boxer, then here are the few tips for increasing your boxing capacity, using pet is the best bet for earning more uridium:  First you will need to buy an auto looter for your pet and if you willing to invest uridium then never get lvl1 autolooter, it is just waste of uridium as the range of it is very limited and your pet tends to move around your ship and will try to pick only those boxes which your ship can pick without any assistance of the pet.  So, the best option would be to go for lvl2 or lvl3 autolooter, lvl3 would be the best, but it costs 37500 uridium, but it worth buying it, then you need to buy salvage protocol lvl2 or lvl3, lvl1 gives you 1% more from the boxes, lvl2 gives 2% and lvl3 gives 3%, thus if you get lvl3 salvage protocol and you fill your pet slots with 10 lvl3 protocol you will get 30% more from the boxes i.e. in 4-x maps if you get uridium of 150 then your pet may turn it into 195 uridium thus your earnings are more.  Investing so much uridium in pet is recommended to only those people who are avid boxer and always box in pvp maps, in other maps it would not show much difference and it would be just waste of uridium.  If you are not an avid boxer in pvp maps, then instead of investing so much of uridium in salvage protocol and auto-looter is just waste, instead you need to invest in kamazaki lvl3 and should have premium account to make full use of it in earning uridium, just by cubing, which may give more 150 to 200 uridium per cube kill.

Now the above mentioned technique of upgrading pet for collecting uridium does not worth the amount of uridium you have spent for upgrading your pet, thus cubing is the best way to get more uridium than any other kind of boxing.

Another option for earning uridium is by going to uridium page and clicking earn uridium cash for action, this will lead to advertisers and you would need to do surveys and some downloads inorder to receive uridium.